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Two Strong 6.3 and 6.4 Earthquakes strike northwestern Iran killing 180/injuring 1300

(Aug 11, 2012) Two strong Earthquakes with magnitudes of 6.3 and 6.4 struck on Saturday near the northwestern Iranian city of Tabriz, Tehran University’s Seismological Centre said.The Death Toll from these strong Earthquakes killed at least

 87 people and injured over 400 others in northwestern Iran, state TV said. The strong earthquakes were less than 9 minutes apart and created numerous aftershocks. Iranian news agencies made no immediate mention of casualties or damage, but reports were preliminary. The quake hit at 4:43 pm (1223 GMT) with an epicentre about 60 kilometres (40 miles) northeast of Tabriz, at a depth of 10 kilometres (six miles), according to the Seismological Centre.  http://quakes.globalincidentmap.com/


30+ Earth quakes reported in southern California since Tuesday

(Aug 11, 2012) Some called it an "earthquake cluster," others a "swarm." Seismologists used the term "Earthquake sequence." Whatever the name, a series of more than 30 small to moderate temblors jolted Southern California on Tuesday night a

nd Wednesday morning, rattling nerves but causing no significant damage. Many Californians are raising eyebrows as this could be a pre-cursor leading to the "Big One" on the San Andreas Fault.



Football Field size sinkhole

(Aug 11, 2012)  A massive 400-foot deep sinkhole that has opened up in a Louisiana bayou has swallowed all of the 100-foot trees in the surrounding area and led to mandatory evacuations. About 150 people have been ordered to leave their residences after the 400-sqaure-foot gaping Sinkhole opened in Assumption Parish amid fears of potential radiation leaks and natural gas explosions.



Enormous 400ft deep Louisiana sinkhole swallows 100ft tall trees and raises concerns of explosions and radiation leaks

  • Fears that low levels of radiation are being emitted from the sinkhole and residents are being asked to leave
  • Gas bubbles have been bubbling in the Louisiana bayou for weeks and residents have felt small tremors for years
  • Officials said on Friday it will be at least 40 days before they get definitive answers about an enormous sinkhole that opened up in Assumption Parish
  • Some residents have refused to leave their homes

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2186880/Louisiana-sinkhole-Enormous-400ft-deep-hole-swallows-100ft-tall-trees-raises-concerns-explosions.html#ixzz23KMCMeRY

A massive 400-foot deep sinkhole that has opened up in a Louisiana bayou has swallowed all of the 100-foot trees in the surrounding area and led to mandatory evacuations.

About 150 people have been ordered to leave their residences after the 400-sqaure-foot gaping hole opened in Assumption Parish amid fears of potential radiation leaks and natural gas explosions.

But despite the authorities enacting the mandatory evacuation, most people have decided to stay following allegations of a cover-up and industrial mis-management from the owners of a nearby salt cavern.

Diesel sheen is seen on the water in an aerial view of the sinkhole. State officials said on that small amounts of diesel hydrocarbons were found in swamp water where an acre of swampland liquefied over the last week

Diesel sheen is seen on the water in an aerial view of the sinkhole. State officials said on that small amounts of diesel hydrocarbons were found in swamp water where an acre of swampland liquefied over the last week

As state scientists monitored the toxicity of naturally occurring radiation at a slurry hole in Assumption Parish, residents said Thursday they were furious with their public state officials because they think they have been withholding information.

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality said the slurry hole near Bayou Corne is near areas that have been used for oil and gas exploration. Low levels of radioactivity may be remaining from the work, though not at harmful levels, officials say.




'Out of abundance of caution and because of the ongoing incident, I have decided to further enhance our monitoring efforts,' DEQ Secretary Peggy Hatch said in a statement.

Officials said the first set of 15 samples from the area show that there are no detectable levels of naturally occurring radioactive material on the surface of the sinkhole and Hatch says they're confident residents aren't at risk for exposure.

Bubbles come to the surface where pipelines come across Bayou Corne and a pipeline sign is seen on the right

Bubbles come to the surface where pipelines come across Bayou Corne and a pipeline sign is seen on the right

Department spokesman Rodney Mallett said such material tends to accumulate in low levels on equipment used to drill for oil and gas.

Gas bubbles have been erupting in the area for weeks. Residents have been especially alarmed at the possibility of a natural gas explosion after 28 residents in Grand Bayou had to evacuate their homes on Christmas 2003 because natural gas was seeping from a salt dome storage cavern and bubbling up into water wells.

Residents have also been reporting earthquakes but despite a battery of tests conducted by federal, parish and local officials, no one has been able to figure out the source of the tremors.

Randy Rousseau, who lives in Grand Bayou and owns a body shop in Belle Rose, said he's noticed tremors for years. He eventually moved out of his house because he didn't feel safe and has been unable to sell it because the property value plummeted after several small sinkholes opened up in his yard.

The massive sinkhole has caused the governor to order the evacuation of 150 residents from the parish

The massive sinkhole has caused the governor to order the evacuation of 150 residents from the parish

Scientists said at a community meeting Tuesday the sinkhole might be related to a brine cavern owned by Houston-based Texas Brine Co. contained within an underground salt dome.

It has been reported that local officials at Texas Brine have known since at least January 2011 that there have been problems with the structural integrity of a brine cavern that was plugged in June 2010. Officials did not mention those issues at the meeting.

'It's what I've been saying all along, that they've been hiding things,' Rousseau said. 'I think our local officials are trying to do the best they can, but I think they're being hindered by the higher-ups hiding things.'

Rousseau said he was especially worried after a parish official had him fill out a form asking him to list his next of kin Thursday morning.

'That's a little disturbing to me. They said it's in case they can't reach us to evacuate. But I mean, come on. They can reach everyone,' he said.

Rep. Joe Harrison, R-Napoleonville, said he wants more transparency and answers from the Office of Conservation. He said he had no idea about structural issues within the brine cavern until he read about them in the paper.

Residents were told it will be at least 40 days before they get definitive answers about an enormous sinkhole that opened up in Assumption Parish

Residents were told it will be at least 40 days before they get definitive answers about an enormous sinkhole that opened up in Assumption Parish

'There is a serious lack of competence now in the state, and we knew nothing. Nothing. Why did they close the mine? We didn't get any answers. It's a real lack of competence now,' Harrison said.

Sonny Cranch, spokesman for Texas Brine, said they're continuing to monitor the area for any changes.

'We've installed booms around the perimeter of the sinkhole to contain any floating contaminants, the diesel, anything else,' Cranch said.

Dr. Madhurendu Kumar, director of the state Department of Natural Resources' oil and gas division, said the sinkhole could have been caused by structural problems within the salt dome that sits underneath it. 

The wall of salt between the brine cavern and the salt dome might be thinner than experts were led to believe, he said.

He said this sinkhole was unusual because it sits on the edge of the dome, when sinkholes normally sit right on top.

Some residents in the area said that they had been experiencing tremors for years before the enormous sinkhole opened up

Some residents in the area said that they had been experiencing tremors for years before the enormous sinkhole opened up

Officials said the sinkhole, which has swallowed up and liquefied a 372-foot wide circle of swampland, has not grown in size since Saturday. 

The owners of four natural gas pipelines nearby were asked to depressurize and vent off their pipelines as a precaution after the slurry area bent a 400-foot-long section of pipeline.

Governor Bobby Jindal declared a state of emergency Friday in Assumption Parish and ordered an immediate evacuation of 150 homes and several businesses. The evacuation remains in effect.

Officials said on Friday it will be at least 40 days before they get definitive answers about an enormous sinkhole that opened up in Assumption Parish.

Mark Cartwright, president of United Brine Services, a subsidiary of Texas Brine Co., said the company spent the last week 'intensely focused' on an emergency response as they try to figure out the cause behind a sinkhole near Bayou Corne.

Low levels of radioactivity may be emanating, though not at harmful levels, officials said

Low levels of radioactivity may be emanating, though not at harmful levels, officials said

Cartwright said they'll be drilling a relief well to investigate a brine cavern they own, which is housed within the Napoleonville salt dome. It will take at least 40 days to drill the well, and scientists have speculated that the 372-foot-wide and 422-foot-deep sinkhole might be related to structural problems within the cavern, he said.

'Our efforts are going to be more focused on diagnostics, and looking into what caused this event,' Cartwright said at a press conference in Gonzales.

Commissioner of Conservation Jim Welsh ordered the company Thursday to drill a well and investigate the salt cavern and 'further evaluate potential causes of the subsidence near its well site,' as well as obtain samples of cavern content.

Cartwright said the company was just as shocked as anyone else when the sinkhole erupted last Friday, swallowing up an acre of bald cypress trees and leaving diesel fumes and slurry water in its wake.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2186880/Louisiana-sinkhole-Enormous-400ft-deep-hole-swallows-100ft-tall-trees-raises-concerns-explosions.html#ixzz23KMPiRHC


Israel to Strike Iran/Psalms 83 War/World War 3 before the US elections in November (Aug 11, 2012)



Sheriff Lott's New Toy



The Richland County, South Carolina Sheriff's Department (that's them above) just obtained an armored personnel carrier, complete with a belt-fed, .50-cal turreted machine gun.  Sheriff Leon Lott has charmingly named the vehicle "The Peacemaker," and insists that using a caliber of ammunition that even the U.S. military is reluctant to use against human targets (it's generally reserved for use against armored vehicles) will "save lives."

Court Upholds Arrest of First US Citizen Based on Drone Surveillance

Judge: No Improper Use of Drone 



A judge at a district court in North Dakota has issued the first ruling on domestic drone use, saying that the arrest of a man during which surveillance drones wereused was not "improper" and that it has "no bearing" on charges brought against the man. 

The arrest was the result of a dispute over laws in North Dakota surrounding wandering livestock, and police attacked the man, Rodney Brossart, on his property after he refused to return six cows which had wandered onto his property. 

Brossart's lawyer sought the charges of "criminal mischief" thrown out because of the warrantless use of drones, as well as a number of other "constitutional violations" including tasering him. 

The relatively minor charges against Brossart may well serve as the first legal precedent for police use of surveillance drones against civilians on American soil. The prosecution had argued that the "mischief" was committed before the drones were deployed, and that therefore they weren't relevant to the charges.


Illuminati in Pop Culture Fashion (OBEY, SUPREME, UNIF)


First eruption in 100 years New Zealands Mount Tongariro Volcano awakens/Erupts without Warning

For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be earthquakes in various places; there will be famines. These are but the beginning of the birth pains. Mark 13:8

Digital pills make their way to market!

Is this leading the way for Big Brother to track you even more? The microchip is put into a drug in order to tell your doctor if your taking your medicine as prescribed. ok, I know there are people out there who do abuse the system. I seen them every day when I worked at the hospital. But there is no way I'm putting anything in my body thats a microchip. The excuse they are using for this is that about half of all people dont take their prescriptions like they are supose to. â€œIt’s like big brother watching you take your medicine.”

 The sand-particle sized sensor consists of a minute silicon chip containing trace amounts of magnesium and copper. When swallowed, it generates a slight voltage in response to digestive juices, which conveys a signal to the surface of a person’s skin where a patch then relays the information to a mobile phone belonging to a healthcare provider.Currently, the FDA, and the analogous regulatory agency in Europe have only approved the device based on studies showing its safety and efficacy when implanted in placebo pills.






Illuminati, Freemasons, children's cartoons propaganda & symbolism mind control brainwash exposed


Is the New World Order message hidden in children’s cartoons? When I was a kid my mom would never let me watch anything but christian shows. I never understood why at the time. But now I completely understand what all she was protecting me from. I encourage, especially all parents out there, to watch this documentary and reconsider if your kids ought to be watching them. There are subtle and not-so-subtle references to the New World Order, the All-Seeing Eye, etc in most main-stream cartoons. Our kids are being robbed of their innocence very early.


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Jesus Said It
 "The eye is the light of the body; so then if your eye is clear, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. . . ." (Matt. 6:22-23).
Jesus tells us that we will become what we watch with our eyes. If we view good things, this will help us be good. But if we view evil things, this will encourage us to be evil.
Evil Companions
Paul warns us, "Do not be deceived: 'Bad company corrupts good morals'" (1 Cor. 15:33).
If we watch evil entertainment, we are prone to imitate the evil things we see. If we watch sexual content, we are prone to imitate the sexual behavior we see. If we watch violence, we are prone to imitate the violent behavior we see.All of us should determine to turn from the deception of Satan, turning away from wickedness that corrupts good morals.
Be Committed, Like David
David's commitment was, "I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes" (Ps. 101:3).
All Christians should make the same commitment. It's not possible for us to avoid all the evil that is in the world. But we can avoid evil in many respects, including TV, movies, the Internet, video games, books, magazines, and music.
If you haven't made the same commitment as David, why don't you make it today? Set no wicked thing before your eyes! I will be posting more things I find later on. 

Russia sends Stern Warning to US on Syria by sending 3 large Warships/Marines to Tartus


The days of turmoil: Lone gun men or 4 shooters?

The tragic shooting at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, which is now being treated as an act of domestic terrorism by the federal government, is set to be blamed on a US Army veteran, fitting perfectly the narrative pushed by the Department of Homeland Security that veterans are a terror threat on a par with Islamic extremists.


“The gunman who shot six people to death and wounded three others during a rampage at a Sikh temple in a Milwaukee suburb was an Army veteran who may have been a white supremacist, according to a law enforcement source involved in the investigation,” reports CNN.

The man was also described as having a “9/11″ tattoo on one arm, indicating to temple member Kanwardeep Singh Kaleka “that there’s some level of hate crime there.”

Of course, Sikhs adhere to a completely different religion than Muslims but that hasn’t stopped them falling victim to a number of racially charged attacks since September 11, 2011.

Despite the fact that a number of different eyewitnesses reported multiple shooters, the narrative of the lone gunman, a disgruntled US Army veteran, has now been fixed. This conveniently dovetails with recent efforts by the feds to demonize returning veterans as potential terrorists, which itself is part of the wider move to smear conservatives as domestic extremists.


Temple Shooting "4 Shooters"

"Very well coordinated, Wasn't haphazard, Releasing of Gas" - Sikh Temple Shooting witness


Cnn: 3 Shooters


CBS News: Shooter Identified As Former US Military Member



CBS News reports that Page enlisted in the Army in April 1992 and was given a less-than-honorable discharge in October 1998. He was last stationed in Fort Bragg, N.C., serving in the psychological operations unit.

The first video link above shows a witness claiming that there were four shooters at the Sihk Temple.  He is calm and reports that four white men dressed in black came into the building.   Why is his statement overlooked by the media who is claiming that there was only one shooter, who is right and who is wrong? Like the Batman shooting where the witnesses in the theater said there were two shooters, there is a discrepancy so which is it? The most revealing information to come from this most recent shooting so far is that one of the shooters, the one who was shot dead at the scene was X military and served in the Psychological Operations Unit!  What did he do there? The Batman Shooter, James Holmes, was asking what he was doing in jail and from the pictures that were released, it would appear that Holmes was on some very heavy drugs, or perhaps switched to an alter personality before the shooting.  We know that Holmes was under the care of a psychiatrist. Jared Loughner, James Holems and now this latest shooter, Wade Michael Page, may all have common ground in that they may be involved in some kind of military mind control, super soldier, program. With this recent shooting are we looking at the classic dialectic?  The conflict being the shooting.  The counter conflict, is the cry for gun control.  The synthesis, every gun in America is then registered or worse taken away, under the pretext of a safer country.

The Sikh Shooting: DoJ and FBI Warned of Planned Terror Attack in April

Sikh Shooter a Former Psyop Soldier Linked to FBI’s National Alliance

was the Sikh Temple Shooting Suspect Also Dosed up on Legal Drugs?

Sikh Shooting Ties Into DHS ‘Veterans as Terrorists’ Narrative

These are The Days of Turmoil and it seems like every week there is another senseless event that shocks us.  Check out the In Other News Section and see the turmoil happening around the globe.  Something has shifted and I believe that shift is a supernatural one.  The enemy grows bold and he is softening the objective.  Are people being triggered?  Was there only one shooter or four like the witness claims.   If there were four shooters, then we have a conspiracy.  Was it a lone gunman or four, which is it? 

Signs of the time: Great Earthquakes on the rise

Large Earthquakes are becoming increasingly common in the news.   3 of the 10 most powerful earthquakes in history have occurred in the last decade and 2 of the most devastating tsunamis have occurred in the last 7 years.  This section contains an ongoing record of earthquakes occurring through various news sources.


The Angelic Domain: Created Before Genesis 1:1 or After?



Many have suggested that God created the angels before the creation of the heavens and earth. Did He create them outside of time and space? The simple answer is no and here is why. Before anything was, before the blackness of space, before the void, there was the King, the Almighty, the Self-Existent, the One who was, and is and is to come. He existed in and of his own domain. God wasn’t “anywhere” because there was no “where”. There was only God. Nevertheless, He created from nothing a space, a domain outside of Himself that was not. This expanse, dimension, He called shamaim (or heavens). He filled this domain with substance, material called eretz (earth). We can think of the heavens like a water bottle filled with water (eretz).  Imagine God by Himself, of Himself, bringing forth from Himself a dimension, a void, filled with only eretz also called ‘tehom’ the ‘depth’ which had not been before. However, on that first day, the earth was only in the process of being formed. This is why God paused and explained what He meant by ‘water’. [1] He did not mean the ball of soil, dirt, land, that Adam stood on when his eyes opened and beheld God. Eretz â€“ earth on the first day was in fact water. [2]

From that water God formed the light to fill the darkness which He also created (Isa 45:7)The first day was the beginning ofdifferentiations. Before the creation there was no differentiation (outside of God Himself and His indescribable tri-unity). On that first day God created things that were not. He created a space outside of Himself; He created darkness which had never been (Isa 45:7) for God is light and there is no darkness in Him whatsoever (I John 1:5). Thus the absence of His glorious light in the newly created void was new and different which is why the King revealed by the prophet Isaiah ‘I form the light and create darkness’. Until that moment darkness, (the absence of light) did not exist.

Therefore before day one (or Genesis 1:1) there was God and because He is light there was no such thing as darkness. When He created the void, space, it initially was devoid of God’s light and did not even have created photons. When God said ‘let there be light’ is the moment when God created the particle-waves known as photons.

We can see, therefore, that before the creation of a domain and substance, there was no place even for the angels. Their creation is not clearly detailed like the creation of Adam, however we can piece together some clues from the book of Job: “Where were you when I laid the

foundations of the earth?…Who determined its measurements? …Or who stretched the line upon it? To what were its foundations fastened? Or who laid its cornerstone, when the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy?” (Job 38:4-7). Job 38 has day two in mind because the line had been stretched out upon it. The line (was pointed out to me, by a brother whose name I forget), is where day and night meet on the earth as seen from space – there literally is a line passing over it. The angels were obviously there and were observers of what God was doing while not dependent on the earth (like man would be). This is the earliest evidence we have of the angels. We hear nothing of them before this.

The next thing we have to consider is that before the fall of man there was only one domain in which the spiritual (angels, God) would exist with the physical (Adam). The one domain was split in two because of the fall of man. We know this because there is currently a veil between the heavenly domain/realm and the earthly. We learn this from Isaiah 25:7 which states that the veil, which covers all nations, is going to be removed. “And He will destroy on this mountain the surface of the covering cast over all people, And the veil that is spread over all nations. He will swallow up death forever, and the Lord GOD will wipe away tears from all faces…” (Isa 25:7-8). Isaiah also says “oh that you would rend the heavens and come down.” (Isa 64:1) We hear of the sky receding like a scroll in Isaiah 34 and Revelation 6. The prophets also saw the heavens open on occasion (Ezekiel 1, Revelation 4, 19). Stephen also saw the heavens open when he was being stoned (Acts 7).

We also know that Satan was in Eden, the garden of God, which was associated with the mountain of God (Ezekiel 28:12-18). That mountain is the same mountain that we read about in Isaiah 14, which Satan attempted to climb and sit upon the “mountain of the congregation.” It is also the same that is spoken of in Hebrews “But you have come to Mount Zion and to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, to an innumerable company of angels.” (Heb 12:22). The mountain of God is in fact the heavenly Jerusalem according to this verse and others.

Therefore, the mountain of God was created when He created everything else and also that abode was in a common domain/dimension before the fall. God walked in the cool of the evening in the Garden of Eden, which is the same place where Satan was – the mountain of God. Eden and the mountain of God are closely connected.  This means that God’s abode and man’s were in the same domain and only split after the sentencing and casting out from the Garden with the way blocked to the tree of life. In other words, the casting out was not simply a spatial removal but a dimensional shift. The spiritual domain was divorced from the natural/physical at that point and those two will be recombined when the New Jerusalem comes down out of heaven and remains on the earth forever.


With all that in view we see that before the creation of the heavens and earth there was only God who existed in and of His own dimension. There was no other space out there, no black emptiness, no void –just God. There was only light for even darkness is something that He created (Isaiah 45:7). We also conclude that the traditional view of God dwelling “up there” and Adam being “down here” is not accurate. Nor is the belief that we will dwell “up there” in heaven for eternity.  What we understand to be “heaven” in the Scriptures is in fact the Holy Mountain/Heavenly Jerusalem – which comes down to the earth in the age to come.  So we conclude that only God existed before Genesis 1:1; the angels did not exist before then. The current separation of God’s domain from man’s is only a temporary condition which was not in place when God declared everything to be very good. As for the angels, they were therefore created after the heavens and earth of Genesis 1:1 (day two appears to be when they were created) and they were dwelling in the same domain as man until the separation of the two domains. God’s original intent was to dwell with His creatures on the earth. Corruption (sin) and death impeded that intent for several thousand years. Nevertheless, God will bring His original intent to pass and will dwell with mankind forever from His holy mountain, which will be on the earth – a place in which God, angels, and man will all dwell together.

Many of the proofs are discussed in my course on the Messianic Age which you can listen to here.

How Could a Fox TV Show Accurately Predict in Detail the Events of 9/11?

9/11 was an awful event. I remember exactly where I was – I was so shocked and rocked back by the attack. Yet some how the pilot episode for the FOX series “The Lone Gunmen” (first aired on March 4, 2001) had a plot that envisioned the US Government hijacking a plane and crashing it into the World Trade Center. How can that be if it was a completely surprise event?

Other News: Birthing pains

Main Stream Media Leading Newspapers Black Out Extraordinary Chick-Fil-A Story

Heavily Armed FBI Agents Raid Home, Seize “Anti-government” Literature

Agenda 21 Cutting Off Electricity To US Cities

Government Silently Positions for Martial Law as Financial Collapse Arrives in America

Record sightings of UFOs in Canada last year, study finds

Prophetic signs that have taking place this month (June 2012)



The World is being conditioned for a false Alien Invasion (Fallen Angels/Interdimensional Demons)


The Illuminati Satanic Occult in the Media/Goverment hidden everywhere in plain sight!


08/02/12 Acceleration Radio with L.A. Marzulli


opening ceremony olympics 2012


Underneath the surface of all of the razzmatazz, the 'sound and lights' of the Olympic opening Ceremony in London, I wondered when Saturn would show up. (see pics) 
The whole event was a well crafted colour full ritual 'powered' by those that had no idea what they were watching and focusing energy on. 
Being quite dark in parts, and meant to be so, we were taken

 from the 'Green and Pleasant Land' of Blake's period to the harsh conditions of the Industrial revolution which was so "dire" for those that lived through it, you's be lucky to live beyond 30. The same period in History was spent furnishing the 'Imperial desires' of the elite and Brunel (acted out by kenneth branagh) helped it along, bless him. 

It was clearly evoking 'Saturn (Kronos), not least though the forging of the Rings of fire, the Satanic mills, child labour, (Debtors prisons anyone) and the total poverty of the masses. Something to celebrate all that! 

The workers coming up from the 'underworld' too symbolic of the darkness coming to the surface. Even the chimneys had the Saturn Sigil (Masonic) emblem on them? Oh Danny Boy?

The use of the NHS and the 100's of kids (in hospital beds) while bringing on Voldermort (JK Rowling's Harry Potter) to 'disturb' and wreck havoc and fear (symbolically) amongst the nurses and children, was so bloody obvious to those that can 'see'. So was the large 'dead baby' and of course the 'Child Catcher' from the Chitty Bang Bang movie. Only to be saved by Mary Poppins, the sky walking, "drug dispensing" Queen of the 'night nurse' of Occult circles... I nearly fell of the sofa. 

Out of all of the characters of the HP books, its Voldermort that comes on... Oh what a surprise that was (eyes roll back). Not to mention his little green eyed dark helpers. 

The use of the Cube (house) in the middle of the ring encircled by the 'onlookers' focusing on time (Kronos), History passing through the decades, wasn't two steps away from the Kabba cube, its hilarious.

At a few times the arial photographs looked like an eye (sometimes a face) and the use of fire throughout, despite the major lighting at the end, is all Moloch symbolism and Kali/Hecate based ritual...
Its amazing what people will do for Athena the Goddess of 'Just Wars'
By far the darkest part of the “ceremony” was the NHS scene, involving what appeared to be a mock child sacrifice to a giant hooded entity. This clearly had echoes of the cremation of care ritual at Bohemian Grove, in which an effigy of a child is sacrificed to Molech – a giant 40ft stone owl. The other children in the hospital beds were then pursued by smaller dark entities. Creepy and disturbing
. The “ceremony” culminated with the Olympic cauldron rising into the air and transforming into a giant flaming eye – very much like the eye of Sauron in the Lord of the Rings Films.

The 2012 opening ceremony was an occult ritual thinly disguised as a major sporting event. When the 23 ton bell was struck, the ruling bloodlines officially declared the beginning of their esoteric New World Order.

In other News: Tracking The Birth Pain

This is a new section of our blog we will post every few days. There will be a bunch of links so you our reader can see how the world is lining up for the return of Jesus Christ.The Bible tells us very clearly, in words spoken by Christ himself in Matthew 24, that He will come again. There will be nothing secret about it; it will be the greatest event the world has ever seen. Revelation 1:7 tells us "Behold, He cometh with clouds, and every eye shall see Him."

There are events we are seeing to unfold that happen as the bible predicts, such as the new world order, ww3,  Earth quakes, weather patterns, and more. Mathew 24:22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.


I believe that we are living in The Days of Chaos.  The weather is weird and the drought here in the USA will affect the food prices, something I’ve been harping on for over year now.  Several weeks ago 4,200 temperature records were smashed due to extreme heat.  Fish and animal die offs continue.  Volcanic activity, earthquakes and pestilence are increasing.  The Middle East is ready to blow and the war in Afghanistan continues.  I believe that there is a supernatural component to what we are seeing.  There is a dark Luciferic agenda, as the Mystery of Iniquity continues to work behind the scenes.  While we play at church, the enemy grows bold.  Now is the time to gird up the loins of our minds and pray.  We must be diligent and wary as the enemy, that age-old serpent knows his time is coming.   However, the Rider on the White Horse is coming too, and when He does this unmitigated evil will be put down, destroyed by the breath of His coming.


Be still and know that I Am God.  Behold the days are coming when I will show my strength on the mountains of Israel.

This is Crazy.

As you ponder the sad, horrible events surrounding the massacre at the Batman movie, do you wonder how a person might have moved into what appears to be psychosis?
[[Some folks see evidence that
this whole thing was staged by the PTW.- A fast and furious way to accelerate gun control discussions.THIS SITE here show pics and discusses such issues as -more than one person involved? and how there are bloody footprints passing his car outside the theatre, the armoured clothes shed at a street side, while he was found sitting in the car. There is more than enough to inspire those who are not buying the official news stories. Was he drugged? Hypnotised? Set Up? Mind Kontrolled? Demon possessed?]
Today, he asked a jail worker if he knew how the movie ended. Story HERE --"...“Did you see the movie?” a creepy-sounding Holmes asked a stunned jail worker during a bizarre exchange Tuesday. “How does it end?” Holmes, his eyes glazed and his voice flat, repeated the question when the worker ignored him, according to another jail employee who witnessed the incident in the infirmary.

Holmes, a 24-year-old ex-honor student, “was trying to look like he was sincerely curious,” the witness recounted to the Daily News. “Like he had no idea why there was anything wrong with what he was saying. It was sick ... " Read more:http:// http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/exclusive-dark-knight-massacre-suspect-movie-ended-article-1.1121478#ixzz21gBuPlU4


will look a bit at the idea that this intelligent guy [supposedly who's a descendant of one who arrived in America on the Mayflower] --who started a PhD program last fall as a top-notch prospect--flunked a test June 7th and decompensated into violent, psychotic behavior within a couple months.




In Closing todays post:  I believe that we are living in The Days of Chaos.  The weather is weird and the drought here in the USA will affect the food prices, something I’ve been harping on for over year now.  Several weeks ago 4,200 temperature records were smashed due to extreme heat.  Fish and animal die offs continue.  Volcanic activity, earthquakes and pestilence are increasing.  The Middle East is ready to blow and the war in Afghanistan continues.  I believe that there is a supernatural component to what we are seeing.  There is a dark Luciferic agenda, as the Mystery of Iniquity continues to work behind the scenes.  While we play at church, the enemy grows bold.  Now is the time to gird up the loins of our minds and pray.  We must be diligent and wary as the enemy, that age-old serpent knows his time is coming.   However, the Rider on the White Horse is coming too, and when He does this unmitigated evil will be put down, destroyed by the breath of His coming.
Be still and know that I Am God.  Behold the days are coming when I will show my strength on the mountains of Israel.

9th of Av: A repost from the Cosmic Chess Match


Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

I decided to re-post this chapter from The Cosmic Chess Match to further discuss the 9th of Av.  In no way am I date setting or promulgating the view that something will happen on this date.  I am however illustrating that this date has historically been one of calamity for the Jewish people and therefore we should keep an eye on it.   The 9th of Av is a week from today!  L.A.

If you would like to avail yourself of The Cosmic Chess Match go to WWW.lamarzulli.net

Chapter 20: The Ninth of AV!

This chapter is unique because it spans thousands of years in its scope. What we will learn is that the Fallen One has attempted to liquidate, kill off, exterminate, terminate, and bring to an end the race of people known as the Jews.  He has done this on more than one occasion and that is the subject of this chapter.

He has sought the destruction of the Jewish people throughout history and has even attempted it in modern times, as we will soon discover.  He has been relentless in these attempts because he believes that if he can wipe the Jews out, he will win. How?  Because if the Jews don’t exist as a people, a nation, and a tribe, then prophecy will not be fulfilled; if prophecy that the Most High God has stated will happen for whatever reason does not, then the Fallen One has proved the Most High God to be a liar and thus he would win the match, or perhaps I should say rematch because the match was decided on Calvary two thousand years ago: the victor being the Most High God.  Of course this is NOT going to happen, but the Fallen One is so full of hate and, while he is an evil genius, his hubris has clouded his judgment and so he still believes that he can win the rematch, even though there is no rematch being played!

There are those who wonder about the hatred toward the Jews.  We see it today, as we hear from Mahmoud Ahmedinejhad, who continually spreads his vitriolic comments toward Israel on almost a weekly basis.  I have covered this in Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural, so I will not go into it here, but surely we can agree that anti-Semitism is on the rise.  Here are a handful of quotes that the president of Iran has hurled toward Israel:

“Israel is a dry withered tree, soon to be plucked up by its roots and thrown into the sea.”[1]

“Israel is a cancer soon to be irradiated.”[2]

“Israel should be wiped off the map.”[3]

The point I’m making is that unless we understand that the Fallen One spawns these supernatural forces and, I believe, fans the flames of this hatred, we will never understand it.

In short, we are watching in real-time the end game of the Fallen One being played out on the world stage.  He is trying to drag as many people as he can with him to his final destination, that of the lake of fire.  However, in the meantime, and I believe it is in the near future, he will try once again to annihilate the Jews.

The Supernatural hatred of the Jews

Why the deep hatred of the Jewish people?  Why is anti-Semitism raising its ugly head in the modern era, in the 21st century?  According to the latest statistics, anti-Semitism is on the rise.[4]

It just doesn’t make sense, does it?  The root of the hatred, in my opinion, against the Jewish people is that the Jews are the Most High God’s chosen people, and it is because of this that the Fallen One hates them with a vengeance and wants to wipe them off the face of the earth!

There are some Christians who say that the Jews lost this privilege—that of being the chosen people—when they rejected their Messiah.  This is called replacement theologyand, in my opinion, it is a heretical teaching.

In short, replacement theology says that the church is now Israel and all the promises that the Most High God gave to Israel now belong to the church. Unfortunately, this is not stated anywhere  in the Guidebook to the Supernatural.  It is an invention of men and women to once again diminish the Jews and Israel.  (I wonder what fallen angel whispered this falsehood and started the rumor in the first place.)  In my opinion, if one takes this position, then one will never, and I mean never, have an understanding of prophecy and how the cosmic chess match is being played out.  Most of the prophecy that we have seen in our lifetime is directly related to Israel:

The gathering of the Jews from the four corners of the world[5]

The control of Jerusalem[6]

The desert blooming[7]

The language of Hebrew restored[8]

These are a few of the prophecies that have come to pass.  There are others that are yet unfulfilled, but I believe that we are in the days when we will see them happen as the news media flashes the headlines on TV sets all over the globe.

Tisha B’Av – the Ninth of Av

This day, the ninth of Av, has been a day of calamity for the Jewish people.  It would appear that this is no coincidence and, as we shall see, the fingerprints of the Fallen One are all over what has transpired on this day.  Here is a brief overview, taken from the Jewish Virtual Library, of what happened:[9]

Tisha B’Av, the Fast of the Ninth of Av, is a day of mourning to commemorate the many tragedies that have befallen the Jewish people, many of which coincidentally have occurred on the ninth of Av.

Tisha B’Av means “the ninth (day) of Av.” It usually occurs during August.

Tisha B’Av primarily commemorates the destruction of the first and second Temples, both of which were destroyed on the ninth of Av (the first by the Babylonians in 586 B.C.E.; the second by the Romans in 70 C.E.).

Although this holiday is primarily meant to commemorate the destruction of the Temple, it is appropriate to consider on this day the many other tragedies of the Jewish people, many of which occurred on this day, most notably the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492.

Tisha B’Av is the culmination of a three-week period of increasing mourning, beginning with the fast of the 17th of Tammuz, which commemorates the first breach in the walls of Jerusalem, before the First Temple was destroyed. During this three-week period, weddings and other parties are not permitted, and people refrain from cutting their hair. From the first to the ninth of Av, it is customary to refrain from eating meat or drinking wine (except on the Sabbath) and from wearing new clothing.

The restrictions on Tisha B’Av are similar to those on Yom Kippur: to refrain from eating and drinking (even water); washing, bathing, shaving or wearing cosmetics; wearing leather shoes; and engaging in sexual relations. Work in the ordinary sense of the word is also restricted. People who are ill need not fast on this day. Many of the traditional mourning practices are observed: people refrain from smiles, laughter and idle conversation, and sit on low stools.

In synagogue, the book of Lamentations is read and mourning prayers are recited. The ark (cabinet where the Torah is kept) is draped in black.

Here is a list of the calamities that befell the Jewish people on the ninth of Av.[10] These dates are taken from the Mishnah.  I will comment after each one and will use a different font to do so.

The twelve spies Moses sent to observe the land of Canaan returned from their mission.  Only two of the spies, Joshua and Caleb, brought a positive report, while the others spoke disparagingly about the land.  The majority report caused the Children of Israel to cry, panic and despair of ever entering the “Promised Land.”   For this, they were punished.  God said that their generation would not enter the land.  Because of the Israelites’ lack of faith, God decreed that for all generations this date would become one of crying and misfortune for their descendants, the Jewish people.  (See Numbers Ch. 13–14.)

We discussed some of this earlier.  What is being mentioned here is the countermove of the Fallen One?  In short, he has been busy putting Nephilim (the offspring of fallen angels and women) in the area that the Most High God has designated as “the Promised Land.”  As I mentioned before, this is a major macro move because it affects everyone who has come out of Egypt in the Exodus.

The First Temple built by King Solomon and the Kingdom of Judah was destroyed by the Babylonians led by Nebuchadnezzar in 586 BCE and the Judeans were sent into the Babylonian exile.

The Fallen One is seeking to destroy the entire nation.  The first temple is destroyed and the Jews are carted off to Babylon.

The Second Temple built by Ezra and Nehemiah was destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE, scattering the people of Judea and commencing the Jewish exile from the Holy Land.  According to the Talmud in tractate Ta’anit, the destruction of the Second Temple began on the Ninth of Av and the Temple continued to burn throughout the Tenth of Av.

More of the same here as the Romans destroy the focal point of the Jewish nation, the Temple, and then scatter the remaining Jews to the four corners of their empire.

The Romans crushed Bar Kokhba’s revolt and destroyed the city of Betar, killing over 100,000 Jews, in 132 CE.[11]

Following the Roman siege of Jerusalem, Roman commander Turnus Rufus plowed the site of the Temple and the surrounding area, in 133 CE. [12]

This is the final straw for the Romans, and Jews entering what was once Jerusalem did so on pain of death.

There are other events that fall on the ninth of Av of which we should take note.  They are:

The First Crusade was declared by Pope Urban II in 1095, killing 10,000 Jews in its first month and destroying Jewish communities in France and the Rhineland. (See footnote #79.)

Jews were expelled from England in 1290. (See footnote #79.)

Jews were expelled from Spain in 1492. (Seefootnote #80.)

On Tisha B’Av 1914 (August 1, 1914), World War I broke out, causing unprecedented devastation across Europe and set the stage for World War II and the Holocaust. (Seefootnote #80.)

On the eve of Tisha B’Av 1942, the mass deportation began of Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto en route to Treblinka. [13]

The Jewish community center in Buenos Aires was bombed, killing 86 and wounding 300 others, on Monday, July 18, 1994, the 10th of Av. Jewish Calendar 1994.

The Israeli withdrawal from 25 settlements in the Gaza Strip and northern Samaria, considered a calamity by some Jews and Israelis but necessary or positive for Israel by others, began on August 14, 2005, the day after Tisha B’Av. (Forced evacuations of remaining residents began on August 17.)

It is obvious that there is a cosmic connection to this date.  It is not a coincidence that these calamities that befell the Jews happened on or very close to the ninth of Av.  I recently blogged about this date and I have learned to keep an eye on world events every year when we near the time of the ninth of Av.

Dates, times, and geographical settings are of great importance to the agenda of the Fallen One.  He uses these to further his agenda….

[2] ibid.

[3] ibid.


The Bible :   Ezekiel 37


The Bible :   Matthew 24


The Bible :   Isaiah 35:1


The Bible :   Zephaniah 3:9

[11] Becher, Rabbi Mordechai (1995).

  “History of Events on Tisha B’Av”  â€œHistory of Events on Tisha B’Av . ohrnet.  http://ohr.edu/1088. Retrieved 2010-07-19.

[12] Barclay, Rabbi Elozor; Jaeger, Rabbi Yitzchok (2003). Guidelines: Over Four Hundred of the Most Commonly Asked Questions About the Three WeeksTargum PressISBN 1-56871-254-5.


Just Another day?


The ice shelf is melting in Greenland in record time, while the US is experiencing a record drought which may affect global food prices.
The London Olympics seem to have deep occult connections, especially in regard to the opening ceremony, as Gordy posted yesterday in out comment section.
Syria continues to chew its own arm off as the civil war continues.  What will happen to Syria’s chemical weapons if the “rebels” take over?
Iran threatens to close the Strait of Hormuz, while the US sends more warships into the region.
Egypt’s government – read Moslem Brotherhood – is deciding how much Sharia law they will implement, this is what I declared would happen a year ago, right here on this BLOG.
India is beginning to show signs of ethnic violence – read Christian and Hindu against Muslim here.
Iraq has had yet another series of suicide bombings that have left scores dead, so much for our investment there.
The Afghan war continues day after day with no let-up in sight, as the body count climbs and the those who are the puppet masters profit from the trillion-dollar yearly opium sale.
There is talk of a fake alien invasion at the Olympics.
The 9th of Av, historically a day of calamity for the Jewish people, is only a few days away.
Earthquakes, volcanic activity, animal and marine die-offs and bizarre weather continue.   How about the recent Haboob in Phoenix?
The Batman Shooter was reported to have an answering machine that had “guttural voices” on it.  There is also speculation that there were more involved in the shooting.  Was/is the shooter an  MK Ultra,  Super Soldier?
The global economy is teetering and the European nations are in for the fight of their lives as there is talk now of a global depression.
If there is no supernatural, no God or fallen angels, no cosmic war between the two, then we can all go back to sleep, as it is the same as it ever was.   Nothing out of the ordinary here, so put another pot roast in the oven and sit back and watch reruns of American Idol.
However, if there is a supernatural and a cosmic war that is raging in the heavens then perhaps are we are looking at these fallen ones, manifesting already?  The book of Job tells that The Fallen One whispered into the ears of men and caused them to attack and kill Job’s assets.  He called fire down from heaven and created a great wind that destroyed Job’s sons and daughters.  He struck Job with sickness.  I believe the Fallen One is softening the objective,  as fear is his calling card.  He’s getting ready for his end game, when his minions will reveal themselves as our creators.  The time is now…

London Olympics: Massive occultist ritual being prepared to occur in the opening ceremony.

 On Saturday this week is the 9th of Av, and  the day before we will see what some are calling an occult ceremony take place at the opening of the Olympic games in London.


Wayne Carter Threw Intestines At Officers After Stabbing Himself, Police Say



A New Jersey man allegedly cut out his entrails in front of police and then threw bits of his flesh and intestines at them.

The gruesome scene played out at a home in Hackensack, N.J., where 43-year-old Wayne Carter allegedly barricaded himself in on Sunday, NBC New York reported.

Officers got a call that morning when a witness said Carter was threatening to harm himself with a knife. Two cops responded, kicked in the door and found Carter in the corner, the station reported.

Carter allegedly ignored officers' orders to put down the knife, and instead began stabbing himself in the abdomen, neck and legs.

An attempt to pepper spray the bleeding man had no effect, the Associated Press reported.

That's when Carter -- disemboweled but responsive -- reportedly threw bits of his skin and intestines at the officers.

This is a crazy world which we live in, for a man to cut him self open and throw his on intestines at officers. Something even more desturbing is we just had the strange case in miami where the man was eatting the face of another man. The time we live is on the edge of the breaking point. May I suggest that we are moving into a time unlike any other and men will faint from fear from what is coming on the earth.  There is a war that is going on and it is beginning to spill out upon the earth. Please remember the words of Jesus who warns us that unless those days were shortened – the days of the tribulation – no flesh would survive.   If these are the birth pains as I state every day In the Other News section then these are truly the beginnings of sorrows or the Days of Chaos.

Fukishima Update!


“Humans cannot come close to certain parts of the reactor site and even robots get fried. They’re delicate machinery; their micro-circuitry cannot withstand the intense bombardment of radiation. We’re talking about thousands of rads of radiation per hour being registered there and that is affecting the cleanup operation.”

“People don’t realize that the Fukushima reactor is on a knife’s edge; it’s near the tipping point. A small earthquake, another pipe break, another explosion could tip it over and we could have a disaster much worse, many times worse than Chernobyl. It’s like a sleeping dragon.”




Fukishima Update!

I have posting about the dangers of Fukishima for months now and what amazes me is that our media for the most part doesn’t mention it.  Fukishima has turned out to be far worse than Chernobyl – perviously the largest nuclear accident on record – and at the present moment we don’t really know how bad it can get.  Here’s the thumb nail sketch of what is going on.  The roof of the building that housed reactor #4 is completely destroyed, leaving a large pool of Cesium contaminated water that is right on the ocean’s edge.  The concern here is that even a small earthquake could send this radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean.   So let’s walk through this nightmare in the making.

1.  If the Cesium contaminated water leaks into the Pacific, how bad will it be?  How much marine life will die and how much of the Pacific will become affected?

2.  The ocean currents will send the spill east and this begs the question, how much of the west coast of the United States will be affected?

3.  The Japanese government from the get-go have not been forthright in their evaluation of the situation and in fact in the early days, deliberately obfuscated information.

4.  How will this affect the mainland of Japan and what happens to the millions of people who are living there?

5.  What should other countries that have nuclear plants similar to Fukishima – San Onofre in California for one – do in order to prevent similar catastrophes in the future?

In closing todays post:  The world should be coming together to come up with a solution that will prevent this disaster in the making from happening.  The best nuclear minds should be working overtime on this.  Our government and news media should be warning the people here to prepare for possible contamination if the cesium pool of water is not contained.  May I suggest that if you live on the west coast of the Untied States, as I do, that you prepare by getting iodine capsules and also stock piling food and water.

Now there are Tuna turning up off the coast of california that are carring radiaction! Click the link to see video.


I believe that Fukishima is part of troublesome times that we are told will happen in the birth pains.  If you scroll down, you will see that the volcano activity, earthquakes in various place, war and rumors of war and the UFO phenomena are not going away. However, it’s time to prepare and not be fearful.  We should understand the times we are living in and look up in expectation because these signs are the specific signs that Jesus told would come before His coming.

Man eating another man face is shot and continues to eat him!


Days Of Chaos – 

As the story about the man, or should I say cannibal who was eating the face of another man unfolds,  we now discover, according to the latest report coming out of Miami, that the man growled like a wild animal, when the officer approached the scene.  The actual quote that was released was,  â€™he growled at me like an animal when I approached him.”  One of the witnesses who saw the incident,  has moved his family out of the sate of Florida. What has terrified the officer that he would go to such lengths to get out of the state?   I believe this officer saw something that shocked him to his very core, that challenged his world view, that unsettled his soul to the point that he is packing up his family and getting away from the horrors of the crime scene.  I believe the reason for this is the officer was met with unmitigated evil.  He experienced face to face the manifestation of a demonic entity whose blood thirst may go back to the days before the flood.   Here’s why.

We read in the Book of Enoch that when the fallen angels procreated with the women of earth the product of that unholy union was the Nephilim.  We also discover that the Nephilim demanded more and more from their human counterparts and they eventually could not be satisfied.  This led to the Nephilim cannibalising human beings, eating their flesh and drinking their blood. Is there a connection between events that happened thousands of years ago and  today?   The media is telling us that this crazed man engaged in these despicable acts because he was high on LSD, and he was having a bad trip.  I believe that this is nothing more that a spin by the media to calm the fears of the public with a story that sounds plausible.   As I stated the man growled like an enraged animal when the policeman approached him.  I wonder what his eyes looked like?

It will be interesting to see what unfolds about this man in the coming days as the investigation continues.  I am, however, not hopeful that we will be told all of the facts.  In the meantime here is another scenario that may provide a more plausible answer to what transpired in Miami

I believe that demons are the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim.  They are earth-bound entities that must possess a man or animal in order to manifest in our dimension.  We see this when Jesus is confronted by the Demoniac of Gadara and when he asks the man his name, he replies, Legion for we are many.  Jesus then commands the demons to come out, but they beg Him not to send them into the abyss.  They then ask if they can go into a herd of swine.  Jesus gives them permission to do this and once the legion of demons enter into the swine the crazed animals hurl themselves over the cliff and drown.

 Drugs open a person up to the demonic realm.  They act as a door to the second heaven and also to the entities that roam the earth. i.e. demons.   We don’t know who this crazed individual was and what he believed or what he was engaged in as far as participation in the  occult.  The question for me is did he open himself up to the demonic realm?   Was the growling that the officer heard in fact the outward manifestation of a disembodied spirit of a Nephilim who then engaged precisely in what h e did before the flood, by eating the flesh of his victim?

In closing todays post:   These are the Days of Chaos and I believe they are only going to get worse.   Why?  Because the demonic is beginning to manifest in ways that I have never seen before.   May I suggest that we are moving into a time unlike any other and men will faint from fear from what is coming on the earth.  There is a war that is going on and it is beginning to spill out upon the earth.  As it begins to do so, will we see more of what happened in Miami?   Please remember the words of Jesus who warns us that unless those days were shortened – the days of the tribulation – no flesh would survive.   If these are the birth pains as I state every day In the Other News section then these are truly the beginnings of sorrows or the Days of Chaos.

Madness in the fast lane ( Possibly satanic super soldier?)


I would highly recommend a viewing of this BBC documentary, because it graphically shows what demonically enhanced humans or, as Ruaa Dizar calls them, satanic super soldiers, may look like when they begin to openly manifest. It could also be proof that modern Nephilim are walking among us.





Rihanna Disturbia Backwards with lyrics ( Satanic Message)

**Read all of the description to understand the video.

When I state this is a satanic message I am not putting down anyone with satanic belief. In my belief (I don't know about yours) I believe that she is satanic, or these messages are placed into the songs without her knowing. I am not putting her down in anyway. Think about it, Lady Gaga would love this because it's like her videos shocking or can cause an uproar. She likes to stir things up. My videos are informational and my opinion and everyone can have there own opinion. I won't try to change your opinion but I will tell you mine and you can tell me yours. I'm open to comments or suggestions. Everyone have a great day!

*****Please use high quality speakers or headphones if you are able. You can't hear much of the message with laptop speakers or cheap computer speakers (At least I can't). I take hours to make these videos. I listen to the song over one hundred times backwards to decipher the message. Be open minded when you view my video, other wise you will consciously try to not hear anything.
****It is way easier to hear when slowed and I will post a slowed version soon. You have to really concentrate to hear the message because this song has so many vocals going on at one time and so much layering.

The Bohemian Grove Exposed

I have been learning how some of the Elite are tied in together. Here is one of the connections, the grove is know for where the idea to rearming  America back in the 80's. Its also know for the creation of the united nations and the manhattan projects.

This is Awesome Please check this out!


Abortion: God Help Us….



I’m going to address this issue once again as I believe we are so far beyond the pale that we don’t know which way is up anymore.  The above headline spells it out as clear as it can be: … (abortion) as a way for our daughters to have the same chance as sons to fulfill their dreams.  This is what our president believes, it is at the core of his belief system, and take notice  that there is no mention about the unborn, innocent life, only that dreams can be fulfilled.  What about the dreams of the unborn?  I guess they don’t count for anything….

I am appalled at Obama’s stance, his deliberate dodging of the essence of the issue, that an innocent life is about to be taken.  Instead he gives us this politically correct, stance about dreams of our daughters and sons.  I find such a position deplorable and offensive to everything I hold dear and true.  I am reminded of the Biblical verse that I cited yesterday: woe to those who call evil good and good evil.   This is how far we have come as a people when the law of the land ensures that women can kill the baby in their womb and somehow it is twisted into a noble pursuit.

On a supernatural level I believe that the 53 million abortions in this country have opened up strongholds of the demonic.  It is all part of the mystery of lawlessness that is like a dark shadow that looms over our country.  We are a sick, bloated country that should collectively fall on our knees and repent of the wickedness that permeates our society.  Most likely this will not happen and we will continue to participate in activities like the super bowl, American Idol, Dancing with the stars and fighting for 12 dollar toasters on Black Friday, and ignore the holocaust of the unborn that has created a blood curse on the land.

The answer to the abortion issue is simple.  If the church would collectively rise together as a whole and create a program to adopt the unwanted child then how many lives would we save?  This is what we should be doing instead of dwelling on when we get raptured!  Yashua/Jesus admonishes us to destroy the works of the devil.  In my opinion, abortion bears the fingerprints of the fallen one all over it.   God help us….

Strange Subliminal Messages in the Halo Xbox Games


Subliminal Messages in Toy Story 3


Biblical Prophecy- Iran vs. Israel (Coast To Coast AM)


coast to coast am - 01-12-12 - Giants & Lost Civilizations


Sounds Heard around the world

Here is a clip from Youtuber, Dutchsense. He has gathered videos from all over the world that display what can only be described as bizarre sounds. There are a variety of loud, sustained, tones that are captured in a variety of locations. As a musician it sounds like someone playing notes on a synthesizer, and running that through a series of very large amplifiers. It is certainly a possibility that it is what we are hearing. Are these sounds a coordinated global prank? Are they the groanings of the earth itself, and is somehow related to the seismic and volcanic activity that have been increasing in the last few years? Are they portals or gateways that are opening up in what I would consider these last days? Could it be that we are hearing the sounds of the abyss being opened.
I find it interesting what some people say in the comment section of the YOUTUBE piece. You would think that people’s curiosity would at least be piqued. We have Darwinism to thank for the denial of the supernatural and the skeptical western mind that tells us there is only the empirical, what we can see, hear, taste, feel and reproduce in a laboratory. Yet, many of us look at these strange noises through a supernatural filter and wonder if what we are hearing is not of this earth.
We are told that in the last days there would be signs in the heavens and earth. Are these strange sounds that are appearing globally a fulfillment of this prophecy? Is the veil that separated this dimension from the supernatural thinning? Are these the sounds of an invisible war that we can’t see at the moment?

In closing today’s post: I don’t have any idea of what these noises are. I do, however, find them disturbing, if they are real and not generated by a musician with a synthesizer. These strange sounds may be another “fingerprint of the supernatural,” or they may have a perfectly natural explanation to what is causing them.


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